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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different from just sending bulk e-mails from Outlook?

Besides the convenient opt-in form, using Addressbin to deliver your bulk messages has the following benefits:

- Sending bulk messages through your company mail server might make your admins mad at you.

- Sending too many emails through popular online email services will definitely make the admins mad at you.

- Non-compliance with CAN-SPAM, by, say, not including an unsubscribe link and mailing address (which Addressbin will provide and enforce) can get very expensive, very fast.

How do I create a mailing list?

Addressbin calls mailing lists "bins".

To create a bin, go to your dashboard and find the "Create a Bin" form. Fill in a name and a url where you want visitors who fill in the form to be redirected, then click the "Create a Bin" button.

How to I build my mailing list?

After creating a bin, just copy and paste the provided code onto your website.

Can I batch-add email addresses to a bin?

To make it inconvenient for spammers to use this service, we limit the ability to batch-add addresses to a bin. But, if you have a big list of addresses that you want to add to a bin, please contact us and we can load up a bin for you.

Why was I charged slightly less/more than advertised?

Our payment processor will only work in Canadian dollars, which tend to dance around the USD rate.

If you like, contact and we'll correct your bill.