Address Bin

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy pertains to you, the Addressbin user, but also contains useful information for Addressbin users' subscribers.

The short version: We take very seriously our obligation to protect your privacy, and ensure that all our users receive only communication which they themselves have explicitly requested.

1. What information do you collect?

Addressbin will need your email address, and those of your subscribers. We also need your mailing address -- we will add this to messages you send. This is necessary to comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

We also collect your credit card information at signup, for billing purposes.

2. How do you collect the information?

Credit card information, your email address, and your mailing address are collected at signup.

We collect subscriber email addresses via our API, which can be accessed programatically over the internet or via the subscription form provided to you.

3. How do you use the information?

We use your billing information to charge you for the service.

We append your mailing address to all messages sent via Addressbin. This is necessary for compliance with CAN-SPAM.

We use your subscriber list to contact your subscribers as you direct.

4. What control do users have over their personal data?

All emails we send are equipped with an unsubscribe link, which will immediately and permanently remove a user from a mailing list (unless they reapply).

Users may unsubscribe at any time. Login and account information will remain on Addressbin's systems, but contact and we will happily remove this.

5. How do you protect users' information?

We take these steps to protect your information: