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Create E-Courses, as easy as sending an email

Simplify your e-course creation with campaigns from Addressbin

E-Courses are a powerful incentive to generate subscribers for your mailing list and build trust before the sale

An e-course is simply a drip campaign; a series of emails sent automatically to new subscribers. With Addressbin, creating e-courses is just as easy as sending email from the email client you already use... because that's just how it works!

Just import your contact list, and start sending your newsletters to our special address. Your messages will be added to your course and dripped out every 3 days until the queue runs out.

A well-crafted e-course will let you recapture your time by automating your email interactions with your users. You get to concentrate on crafting quality content, instead of manufacturing one-off newsletters just to keep your users engaged.

But don't just take our word for it; sign up for our 12-day e-course e-course today and experience it first-hand.

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