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Introducing the world's easiest drip campaigns (with Addressbin)

Sending email to a lot of people at once is all well and good, but it's not too exciting. Creating automated drip campaigns just by sending emails, on the other hand, is exciting, if you're a certain type of person. And even if you're not, we promise you'll find it useful.

Ok, how does that work?

Drip campaigns are automatic scheduled emails that go out periodically to your subscribers. New subscribers start receiving messages when they sign up to your list, separated by a few days.

Making a drip campaign in Addressbin really couldn't be simpler. Just send an email to the special drip campaign address for your bin (mailing list), and the message you send will be added to the back of your drip email queue. New subscribers will start receiving the drips every 3 days, starting from message zero, until they've all been sent. Existing subscribers who have reached the end of the existing drip queue will be sent the message right away.

Addressbin's Drip Campaign tab Addressbin’s Drip Campaign tab.

Marketing Automation for mortals

We don't think an easier way to start sending drip campaigns exists. But don't take my word for it. Take advantage of Addressbin's 30-day free trial today to see for youself!


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