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Creating Email Ecourses

There's a new trend in email marketing these days: Email ecourses. You can use an email ecourse to improve your conversion rates, and to offer real value to your users.

First question: what is an email ecourse? Basically, it's a series of articles that you write in advance, then send to your subscribers over a matter of days or weeks. There are many good reasons to deliver content this way as opposed to a blog, website, or newsletter series. But, from a marketing perspective, delivering content in this way has these advantages:

  • You establish yourself as an expert.
  • You create a personal connection to your leads.
  • You can build trust with your leads before attempting the hard sell.
  • You can create your content all at once, ahead of time
  • The content you create isn't wasted after being sent once – every new subscriber gets your material from the beginning
  • Your subscribers give you their email address (duh) so you can sell directly to them

Creating content for your email ecourse is a straightforward matter of taking what you know as an expert in your field and putting it in text. If you don't think you are an expert in some field or other, writing articles of interest in it is a good way to become one.

When it comes to actually delivering your content, well, we're a bit biased. One of Addressbin's core features is our dead-simple drip campaign creation, which makes creating email ecourses a breeze: Just send your articles to a special email address as you write them, and they'll get trickled out to your existing and new subscribers in the order you send them.

Want to learn more about creating effective email ecourses? Well, lucky for you, I've compiled this email ecourse email ecourse. Sign up, and You'll receive an exclusive course on creating ecourses (while we also attempt to sell you on Addressbin, of course).

You can visit the link above, just sign up here:


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