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Effortlessly engage your customers by email

Collect subscriber details from your website with our simple opt-in form, or from your application with our even-simpler REST API.

Keep in touch your subscribers using any email client you like. You can even prepare drip campaigns and email courses to keep your leads engaged and convert better, without changing your email workflow.

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Send newsletters straight from your mail client

Reach out to your subscribers just like you were writing them individually, using the email client you use every day.

Compose your message as usual, send it to a unique address for your list, and let Address Bin handle the rest.

Easy Autoresponders and Drip Campaigns

Use drip campaigns to automatically deliver periodic emails to new subscribers

Send an email to the special "drip campaign" address provided for each bin, and it gets added to the drip queue. New subscribers receive every message in the queue starting from the first; existing subscribers will receive new messages immediately.

Deploy your opt-in subscriber form in seconds

Addressbin will automatically generate the HTML code you need to drop your subscriber form right on your site, wherever it needs to be. You can even use our free Opt-In Form Generator to style your own form.

Collect whatever you need

You can collect any data you like about your subscribers, for later reference. Email, name, favorite color... it's up to you.

You can reference the information you collect using our simple template macros in the emails you send to your list.

CAN-SPAM Compliant

Your newsletters will include a footer containing your mailing address and an unsubscribe link, automatically, to meet CAN-SPAM guidelines.

Top-tier Delivery

We partner with delivery services like Mailgun to promise best-in-class delivery. Send your newsletters to as many subscribers as you like, without worrying about hitting the send limits on your email provider, or about your mail server failing to deliver them.

Enthusiastic Support

24-hour email support from a real person, any time of day, 7 days a week. Just contact with any question you may have.

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Try us out for 30 days, with no commitment. You can collect up to 5 addresses while on your free trial, and upgrade at any time.

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